SEVERICAT is the new burn severity map server of Catalonia from 1986 and beyond

SEVERICAT maps quantify fire effects on above-ground biomass. These maps are obtained from satellite imagery (Landsat, 30m resolution) using standard methodologies based on the calculation of the vegetation index NBR (Normalized Burn Ratio). Satel·lite images before and after the fire are compared, quantifying changes and mapping the resulting indices. header_severicat1 (2)The main objective of SEVERICAT is to provide consistent and objective burn severity data potentially useful for:

  • Research in wildfire ecology: for better understanding fire regimes and their interaction with vegetation.
  • Forest assessment and management: for short-term management after fire, as well as for monitoring medium and long-term trends in burn severity impacts according to different forest vegetation types, fuel models or forest management actions.

SEVERICAT is a project promoted by the CEMFOR (Mediterranean Centre for Forest Research) from the CTFC (Forest Science Centre of Catalonia). SEVERICAT data can be visualized on the same web and burn severity data can be downloaded in different GIS formats. For the moment the server provides information from 15 historical fires in Catalonia since 1984, but it will be periodically updated as new information becomes available. More information:


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