Jordi Garcia Gonzalo

I am PhD in Forest Sciences by the Faculty of Forestry of the University of Joensuu (Currently named University of Eastern Finland – Itä-Suomen yliopisto) in Finland. Currently I am senior researcher at the Forest Sciences Centre of Catalonia (CTFC) and associate researcher to Forest Research Centre (CEF-ISA) at the University of Lisbon (Portugal). I have conducted research in leading institutions in Finland, Portugal and now in Spain. My research interests focus on the development of forest ecosystem management models, optimization methods and decision support systems. The main objective is to develop scientifically sound methods that can be used by the public administration, forest owners, industry and non-governmental organizations for enhanced integration of adaptive strategies in multiple-objective forest management planning and for an improvement of existing policy and management approaches. This includes the development of innovative methods and tools (e.g decision support systems) that may address the complexity of multi-objective and multi-stakeholder forest planning under climate change and other risks (e.g. forest fires, pests).

Main research lines
  • Development of Methods for forest management including economic, social and ecological aspects in a context of global change (climate, socio-economic changes…).
  • Development of information and decision support systems (DSS) for forest project evaluation and for strategic, tactical and operational management planning.
  • Development of methodologies to formulate forest management plans targeting multiple objectives and multiple decision makers and different risks (e.g. fires).
  • Operations Research. Optimization methods.

Selected Projects

  Selected papers

  • Borges, J.G., Marques, S., Garcia-Gonzalo, J., UrRahman, A., Bushenkov, V., Sottomayor, M., Ochoa De Carvalho, P., Nordström, EM. A multiple criteria approach for negotiating ecosystem services supply targets and forest owners’ programs.Forest Sciences. In press.
  • Garcia-Gonzalo J., Pais, C., Bachmatiuk, J. Weintraub A. 2016. Accounting for climate change in a forest planning stochastic optimization model. Canadian Journal of Forest Research. 46: 1111–1121.
  • Vacik H,  Borges, J.G., Garcia-Gonzalo, J., and Eriksson, L.O. 2015. Decision Support for the Provision of Ecosystem Services under Climate Change: An Editorial. Forests 2015, 6(9), 3212-3217; doi:10.3390/f6093212
  • Garcia-Gonzalo, J., Bushenkov, V., McDill, M., Borges, J.G. 2015. A decision support system for assessing trade-offs between ecosystem management goals. An application in Portugal. Forests, 6(1), 65-87; First published online on 30 December 2014.
  • Bachmatiuk J., Garcia-Gonzalo J., Borges J. G. Analysis of the performance of different implementations of a heuristic method to optimize forest harvest scheduling. Silva Fennica vol. 49 no. 4 article id 1326. 18 p.
  • Zubizarreta-gerendiain, A., Pukkala, T., kellomäki, S., Garcia-Gonzalo, J., Ikonen, VP. Heli Peltola 2015. Effects of climate change on optimised stand management in the boreal forests of central Finland. European Journal of Forest Research. Volume 134, Issue 2, Page 273-280. http://10.1007/s10342-014-0849-8.
  • Ferreira, L., Constantino, M., Borges, J. G. and Garcia-Gonzalo, J. 2014. Addressing Wildfire Risk in a Landscape-Level Scheduling Model: An Application in Portugal. First Online July 2014. Forest Science.
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  • Ferreira, L., Constantino, M., Borges, J. G., Garcia-Gonzalo, J. 2012. A stochastic dynamic programming approach to optimize short-rotation coppice systems management scheduling. An application to eucalypt plantations under wildfire risk in Portugal. Forest Science Vol. 58, No. 4, pp.353-365(13). DOI:
  • Lindner, M, Maroschek, M., Netherer, S., Kremer, A., Barbatie, A., Garcia-Gonzalo, J., Seidl, R., Delzon, S., Corona, P., Kolström, M., Lexer, M.J., Marchetti. M. 2010. Climate change impacts, adaptive capacity, and vulnerability of European forest ecosystems. Forest Ecology and Management. Volume 259, Issue 4, pp 698–709.
  • Garcia-Gonzalo, J., Peltola, H., Zubizarreta-Gerendiain, A., and Kellomäki, S. 2007. Impacts of forest landscape structure and management on timber production and carbon stocks in the boreal forest ecosystem under changing climate. Forest Ecology and Management Volume 241, Issues 1-3, pp 243-257.

Contact: Phone: 34 973 48 17 52 (ext. 211)


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