Lluís Coll

I have a Bsc in Forestry (1999) from the University of Lleida and a PhD in Forest Ecology (2003) from the BlaisePascalUniversity (Clermont-Fd, France). At present I am full-time researcher at the Forest Sciences Centre of Catalonia that I joined in 2006 after a two-year postdoc position in the University of Québec in Montréal (UQAM). Since 2012 I am associate researcher at the Centre for Ecological Research and Forestry Applications (CREAF). My research interest focuses on the analysis of the main factors driving Mediterranean mountain forests dynamics in the present changing context. In particular I am interested on advancing in the understanding of the response of forest species to different biotic and abiotic disturbances and to the recent environmental and land-use changes. In these areas I am conducting studies at various scales using different approaches and techniques including forest dynamics models such as SORTIE. I am member of the Editorial Board of the peer-reviewed journals European Journal of Forest Research and Canadian Journal of Forest Research. Main research lines:

  • Analysis of the main biotic and abiotic factors driving mixed-forest dynamics in Mediterranean mountainous areas
  •  Characterization of the mechanisms that modulate mountain forest resilience to natural and anthropogenic disturbances
  • Assessment of the adaptive capacity of forest species to changing environmental conditions.

Selected papers: Filotas, E., Parrott, L., Burton, P.J., Chazdon, R.L., Coates, D.K.,  Coll, L., Haeussler, S., Martin, K., Nocentini, S., Puettmann, K.J., Putz, F.E., Simard, S.W. & Messier, C. (2013). Viewing forests through the lens of complex systems science. Ecosphere. In press. pdf Coll, L., González-Olabarria, J.R., Mola-Yudego, B., Pukkala, T. & Messier, C. (2011). Predicting understory maximum shrubs cover using altitude and overstory basal area in different Mediterranean forest. European Journal of Forest Research 130: 55-65. pdf Martín-Alcón, S., González-Olabarria, J. R. & Coll, L. (2010). Wind and snow damage in the Pyrenees pine forests: effect of stand attributes and location. Silva Fennica 44(3): 399-410. pdf Ameztegui, A., Brotons, L. & Coll L. (2010). Land-use changes as major drivers of Mountain pine (Pinus uncinata Ram.) expansion in the Pyrenees. Global Ecology and Biogeography 19(5): 632-641. pdf Coll, L., Potvin, C., Messier, C. & Delagrange, S. (2008). Root architecture and allocation patterns of eight native tropical species with different successional status used in open-grown mixed plantations in Panama. Trees Structure and Function 22:585-596. pdf Contact: Phone: 34 973 48 17 52 (ext. 267) E-mail:lluis.coll@ctfc.cat Professional web:http://fidbosc.ctfc.cat/

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