CEMFOR is a new research initiative established by the CTFC to catalyse innovative and collaborative research on forest science in a context of large-scale global changes. The challenges faced by Mediterranean forests are multiple and their future will depend on the decisions made now by society. CEMFOR aims at becoming a proactive actor in these debates by providing informed, robust science based information, tools and approaches relevant for the problems faced. More specifically the objectives and working principles of CEMFOR are:

  • To coordinate, integrate and catalyse directly or indirectly innovative, high impact, Mediterranean forest research initiatives developed at the CTFC. Increasing the impact and visibility of forest research developed at CTFC is the first working principle of CEMFOR.
  • To develop close collaboration with other CTFC structures (research close to market or oriented research, innovation, transfer or spin-offs creation) to carry out research anchored to the needs of the society and the forest sector. This linkage between research and society demands is the second working principle of CEMFOR.
  • To promote strategic alliances and associate research units with other research centres of national and international character in key areas of scientific expertise related to Mediterranean forest research.  Special focus will be given to develop such synergies in a Mediterranean context. The promotion and leadership of new, strategic, international forest research networks is the third working principle of CEMFOR.



CEMFOR is based on the contribution of committed, proactive, excellent researchers. Participation in CEMFOR is voluntary and based on the high scientific profile (and career) and strong, proven commitment of researchers to CEMFOR activities. The researcher’s involvement in CEMFOR is evaluated by the CTFC’s scientific advisory board in terms of researcher’s activity and contribution to CEMFOR. CEMFOR works consistently in line with the CTFC strategic directions to contribute to the CTFC mission from the research side and to ensure that strategies and activities fit perfectly with the overall strategy of CTFC. estructura CEMFOR coordinator/s and members will be responsible for proposing CEMFOR priorities required meeting the established goals and increasing CEMFOR impact. CEMFOR will develop specific strategies aimed at the dissemination of its research outputs and projects. CEMFOR will concentrate on the outreach of cutting edge research results and its applications.  

Scientific Advisory Board – SAB CTFC


Marc PALAHÍ (President)

Director of EFI



INIA, Spain


Christian MESSIER

Centre d’Études de la Forêt (CEF), Québec, Canada


Pedro BEJA

Research Centre in Biodiversity and Genetic Resources, Universidade do Porto



Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (ICTA), UAB



Director Forest-Based Sector Technology Platform.


Bart Muys

Forest Ecology ans Management Research Gruop. KU Leuven.

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